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Here’s where we show you how to find the best price on German distance learning courses. This page features the lowest priced online education German classes and the finest, accredited online German classes at universities both stateside and international. We help you sort through the good online German schools versus the bad ones, by letting you in on the key signs to look for when researching which distance learning program for learning the German language has produced the highest number of good consumer reviews. This is because we rely, and we expect you to also rely on consumer advice for German distance learning courses. Time and time again this method of rating university level language programs has proven to be the most insightful and effective when determining which online school to enroll in. Sure, it’s easy to log in and start learning. That’s the easy part.

But a semester, school year or longer amount of time spent learning the language online is a significant time commitment. If you have a bad experience the first time, studies show that it’s unlikely you’ll try again. So we believe it’s important that you choose wisely. Fortunately, we make this decision easy. We will help you find the affordable accredited German distance learning school that provides a quality education without emptying your pocketbook. Not only do we share with you the methods, tips and tricks to finding the best online German programs suited to your education needs; we also provide a long list of distance learning schools that support German language instruction not only as an afterthought, but as a program they have invested in by hiring multiple professors and teaching assistants, and getting accredited and certified both domestically and internationally. The online German courses we feature on this page are legitimate and truly the best. Why go to school that’s just branching out into German, when you could pay the same price and log on to a program where German is the major emphasis, and the faculty and other students are as excited about the German language as you are.

German correspondence course
It matters little that you don’t meet in person. The culture of the learning environment in distance courses is just as important as in the traditional school setting. As the virtual classroom becomes an increasingly popular form of completing coursework on the Internet, you can take classes on the Web that largely simulate the classroom experience, as you interact with a real professor and classmates, follow lectures in an audiovisual format, and chat and email all through a high-tech, user friendly interface. But unlike a real classroom, accredited German distance learning courses you can choose when you want to study and learn, giving you the independence and freedom to take the online German class on your own terms. And with the rapid increase in mobile devices, such as smartphones, iPads and android tablets many students not only study when they want to, but where they want to as well. Of course, the majority of students still take online German classes from their laptops or home computers. But the freedom that the Internet provides is testing boundaries previously thought impenetrable.

Accredited distance learning German courses
So you think you want to learn the German language in an online classroom setting, but you don’t know where to begin? The first question to ask is always whether or not the online German course is accredited. This is much more important than it at first may seem. Distance learning in German is big business, because it is extremely effective and the vast majority of students achieve fluency faster than they would have in a traditional classroom setting. But in a way it’s a victim of its own popularity. Many fly-by-night operations have caught wind of the opportunity, and so they too will provide German lessons online. But they are not accredited, which means all the difference. They haven’t gone through the rigorous approval process and accreditation that is unique to online German classes versus regular German courses. These unaccredited lessons are usually lacking in many of the fundamentals, and will often do more harm than help. If you’re very lucky you might find decent online class that hasn’t been accredited, but why bother? At the same or higher cost, it’s not worth it. You can pay less and get more by taking accredited online German lessons from a reputable University. If you're wondering, "Where can i get a German language degree by correspondence from an accredited institution?" then look no further: we have an extensive list of schools we trust because either we’ve taken them ourselves, or we’ve read dozens, if not hundreds of online German school consumer reviews, so we are confident that these language academies and trustworthy universities will provide you with the best route to becoming fluent in German on the Web.

How can you tell if a German distance learning program is accredited? First, they will feature it proudly on the Web site, either on the home page or German departmental page where you click through to find the online German class that you are looking for. Seeing it listed on the site should inspire confidence, as it is a federal crime for a school to claim accreditation when it is not. Here is a list of Institutional Accrediting Agencies. Check this list against the online German school you wish to enroll in, before you fork over the money.

Online German schools financial aid
Another benefit of accreditation is the fact that federal student aid programs will not provide any assistance to students who go to schools that are not accredited. So if you are counting on financial aid, which is a possibility even for online learners, then it is doubly wise to choose an accredited German distance learning course at low cost after financial aid benefits kick in.

As this form of taking classes evolves, so do philanthropists. There are now several scholarships you can apply for that will underwrite your online education just as if you were attending a brick-and-mortar classroom. Just as with government financial aid programs, most scholarships absolutely require that the course of study you enroll in is accredited by a nationally and/or internationally recognized institution.

Online German degree
People still may believe that online courses are just a form of night school, and could only be useful for classes here and there, working toward adult education credits in German here or a little refresher course there. Not so. Distance learning in German is serious business, and you can actually get a real, accredited online German degree by distance learning at a recognized school. All you have to do is put in the time and learn a lot to earn a diploma at the German online degree schools we've listed, offering mastery of levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 level German degrees, classes and testing done by correspondence on the Internet. It matters not that you do in on your own time, from the comfort of your own home and via the flexibility of your own schedule.

Online German courses
If you want to take a regionally and internationally licensed online German college course for credit, browse this list of recommended schools to apply to and enroll in, priced at the best German distance course rates on the Web. Don't take our word, though. Research them for yourself and you'll see what we're talking about. Here are detailed course descriptions of online college level German classes:

Accredited online German chools: Enroll in an online German class
Beginning virtual lessons is just a few clicks away. Seriously. You don't have to wait weeks like in the old days, you can start learning today, just minutes from now if you like. Online german classes for college credit are available through the following programs listed right here on this page:
German Language and Culture Distance Learning University of Wisconsin-Madison, WI
German Online Oklahoma State at Stillwater, OK
Distance Learning Beginning German I College of Continuing Education
German Correspondence Course Ohio University at Athens, OH
Learning German Online College Classes & credit available through Dickinson College, Carlisle PA
Online German College Courses Connecticut-based Norwalk Community College, in Norwalk, CT
Also look for online German refresher courses at any of the above-listed universities.
Take a German language distance learning course through the University of North Carolina Online, a certified program that allows you to study from anywhere while working toward your language-related degree.

Other distance learning programs in German
This is where to find the best online German course:
High School Level German Online University of Missouri
German Distance Learning Software Interface KET Distance Learning
High School Correspondence Courses German Mississippi's Vancleave High School, Vancleave, MS
Online Lectures of German Level A1 North East Centre for Lifelong Learning, Newcastle upon Tyne, England

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