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Children and Teenager's German Slang Translation Journal
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Slang Phrases for All Occasions Pukka German
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Staunch language purists might be offended as people laugh about the funny sounding words in German, the names of towns that sound downright perverted, and the double entendres that are hard to miss even when you’re not looking for them. Here at German Professor, we believe learning German should be fun. So why not laugh when a word or double-meaning stands out and is by all objective standards downright funny? Even people who don’t know the first thing about German can make fun of how it sounds – imagine how much fun you could have once you get a few words under your belt?

Laughs aside, though, learning German slang has a serious, practical side to it as well. One might not think so at first, but being able to speak in vernacular is a powerful tool for currying favor with native speakers. Knowing local German slang can endear you to the locals, and help give you access to their friendship and their company in a way that somebody reading from the Berlitz embassy-approved phrase guide never will. We’re not talking about passing for a local, although some students in our group have an amazing ability in picking up the German accent. With their knowledge of German slang, they could probably pass for locals and earn their keep as professional spies.

But even for those of us who haven’t mastered the accent, and who will never be mistaken for anything but a foreigner, being able to speak slang phrases and words in German shows that you actually care about knowing your German urban dictionary words, that you’re interested in making people laugh. It is, after all, a truly pleasant surprise when a bumbling foreigner busts out with a local phrase word. It can even be funny in an ironic way, depending on how you go about it. For example, do you know how to say “yo, whatup?” in German? The way to say it is “was geht?” Who knew? Even if you don’t look like a hip-hopper, this phrase has proven to get many laughs, break the ice, and start conversations in which you can practice your German further and even pick up some more slang.

So without further ado, here is our German urban dictionary guide to the best resources on the Web, including free online sites and cheap pocketbooks that make great stocking stuffers or birthday presents anybody with a healthy sense of humor and a burning curiosity to learn German slang. It should be noted, however, that some of these resources include so-called dirty words which reference taboo topics that may be appropriate only to certain age levels, so use your discretion when clicking on these free German slang dictionary resources and pocket slang dictionaries online.


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