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Learn German
Welcome to German Professor! We make it fun and easy to learn German. We understand that everybody learns German differently, so we've put together a detailed guide for every method of learning. Whether you're looking to find an accredited distance learning program, or simply want to find the best price on instructional CDs to listen to and learn while you drive, we have a guide to finding the top quality courses and materials at the best rates.

German Programs
There are many German school programs to choose from, online and offline:

German distance learning programs
German night school classes

German Dictionary Resources
There are many ways to define words in German, but some are better than others. We provide in-depth reviews of three major German-English and English-German dictionaries, based on years of studying, learning and translating German texts:

German to English dictionaries
German slang dictionary

German Learning Products
There are many tools for learning German available retail. We've personally benefited from these products, such as CDs, DVDs, CD-ROMs and online software packages. But we also know that you DO NOT have to pay retail prices. You can pay WHOLESALE prices. This is where you can find the CHEAPEST German education items online:

Learn German DVD sets
Learn German CDs

German Lessons
Here is a starting point to learning German. We provide basic verbs, their conjugations, pronunciation guides, grammar help and a wide array of quality, reputable Web resources that will have you speaking basic German in, literally, just minutes:

Online German lessons

German Culture
The national personality of Europe's largest country is as fascinating as it is complex. It is replete with history, and it can't be ignored. As the chief financier of the European Union, Germany has emerged as a power broker on the world stage. While Asia soaks up most of the limelite, it is truly Germany that smart people are keeping a close eye on. More and more students are choosing German as their second language, over all other languages:

Facts about Germany
German movies

We also provide detailed consumer advice on each of the learning methods, because people who use German instructional products and take the classes are on the front lines, and they know what they are talking about when the give a thumbs up, or a thumbs down. As lifelong learners and regular attendees of a Stammtisch, a conversational group in German, most of us use or have used German learning materials, and many of us are in some type of German class right now. So we, too, are consumers and as such we hope to provide an ever growing number of quality consumer reviews, to help make it even easier, and more enjoyable, for you to learn German.


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